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I am a professional musician and music tutor based in London (UK).

I am currently performing with internationally successful British 80s band Thompson Twins' Tom Bailey.

I also played, among others, for 

Kelli Ali, who was the lead singer of

Sneaker Pimps - a big 90s trip hop British group.

I've been playing music for over 25 years. I play drums, percussion and tuned percussion instruments, piano and keys. I'm a versatile musician fascinated by many different kinds of music (classical-jazz and everything in between). Got a solid experience as a soloist, chamber and orchestral musician as well as a drummer/percussionist in both, originals and cover bands. I have collaborated with many art institutions including music theatres, philharmonic and other orchestras, brass bands and cultural centres.

I toured around UK, Europe, Australia, USA and China, playing at large festivals and in the biggest concert venues/arenas in the world.


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